Stork School’s PFSA brings together every member of the Stork Family to further enhance the educational experience of our students.  Every parent and teacher is welcome to join the PFSA and help as little or much as they are able. Our goal is to create great activities for the students while raising funds to assist with what the Stork parents feel their students need.

Our Mission

The mission of the PFSA is to be a non-profit, non-commercial, non-political and non-sectarian organization dedicated to the enhancement of the educational experience for the students of Floyd M. Stork Elementary school, through the use of volunteer sponsored fundraising and activities.

Your Board

President • John Hasso        ¦        1st Vice President • Beau Cooper         ¦         2nd Vice President • Shaylynn Wright         ¦         3rd Vice President • Patty Moreno                    Treasurer • Brandi Florio        ¦        Secretary • Jeff Oliver        ¦        Parliamentarian • Craig Hickman         ¦        Historian • Mary Laramie        ¦        Principal • Phil Suttner